Should I paint my hardwood floors if I plan on refinishing years later?

Q: I have removed my carpet and found a fir floor that needs refinishing. If I paint before refinishing hardwood floors, just leaving the paint coat alone for the time being (a few years?), will it be much harder for a professional refinisher to sand off and refinish the wood later on?

A: Yes it will be, and I’m sure the person sanding the floor will charge accordingly. I don’t think I would paint it if you intend to sand it later.

Note from webmaster: instead of paint, you may want to consider a buff and coat. That is, if the floor is unfinished in spots, in order to protect the wood from further damage until it can be professionally redone. Try our Search form for diy buff and coat and numerous articles should come up as well as some what not to-do’s people have come up with on their own. 😉

Of, If you by chance get to this post wanting to know whether to paint your walls before having floors put in or refinished, yes – flooring work should be one of the very last things done in your home.

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