Sanding v-groove flooring and refinishing

Q: I have a pre-finished Bruce hardwood floor with V-Groove’s that was installed 18 years ago. It has some areas where the finish is worn. Is sanding v-groove flooring and refinishing a V-Groove floor possible? It seems like the grooves would not get sanded and as such preclude that option.

Please advise.

A: Of course it is possible to sand your floor. You have an older pre finished floor with bigger grooves. They will all have to be hand scraped. I tend to caution people away from these floors. They may be cheap initially, but you will pay in the end.

Note from webmaster: If hiring a floor sander, make sure he isn’t the shortcut taking variety. Someone might think they can avoid all that hand scraping by sticking filler in there, or some other shortcut. That is no way to get solidly finished, lasting results. You’ll want to confirm the floor sander WILL make sure the v grooves are scrapped / buffed and that the floor sander is quoting you realistically for that extra work. V groove should cost more. In this business there are always a few nearby contractors who will (usually) under price and do a sloppy job on top of that.

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