Spilled polyurethane on a Formica table top

Q: I have a spill of polyurethane on a Formica table top that has been there for several months. Is there any way to remove spilled polyurethane?

A: I would try an X-acto knife with a sharp blade and carefully slice it off. If you can get it down to the point where there is little of it remaining, the rest could be rubbed off with a cloth dampened with acetone.

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  1. Hi Barbara, Very interesting arlctie and just what I was looking for. By what I’ve read and by common sense to me oil staining is a great idea. Everything seems to point to putting oil back into wicker furniture which makes sense to revive the rattan, bamboo, paper fibre, or whatever material it is. My question to you is what specific oil stain did you use? There are so many different types out there and I’m not sure which one to use since some are a type of stain paint , others are plain stains, others have a mix of polys, etc. Anything insight is helpful, Thank You

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