Dark wood floors show dirt more readily

Q: We have a dark bamboo floor. It shows too much dirt! It’s impossible to keep clean. Would an extra lacquer top coat help this?

A: Dark wood floors do tend to reveal house dust, etc., more than lighter colored floors. Applying another coat of finish won’t change that. If you do apply another coat don’t let it be lacquer. I would suggest an approved cleaner meant for use on top coated floors such as the following: hardwoodcleaner.com.

Webmaster’s note: I’m posting this in “Choosing a stain color” since it may be imperative to that choice. For those not forced to go dark to camouflage pet or water stains, the fact lighter stain colors can make it easier to maintain a “clean look” may be a deciding factor. This dark vs. light rule goes for any surface or flooring. Personally, I tend to throw caution to the wind and let taste be the main factor, and I just live with this slight (in my opinion, not a deal breaker) consequence; our hearth floor is tiled black (against the tiler’s recommendations, for this exact “it’ll show dirt more!” reason) and our wood floor is stained a dark reddish mahogany.

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