Oily paw prints

Q: I read the question about footprints (bare feet) with interest. Our maple floors where finished with the two-part mixed (epoxy?) type of finish. The result is a very low lustre, almost dull finish. Our large dog with big soft warm feet is leaving oily looking marks in the finish that do not leave with cleaning. Nobody but me has cleaned these floors and I have only used hot water/damp mop (for dirt) followed by Bona Hardwood Cleaner. In the sunlight the floors still looked muddled with doggie prints.

As no cleaning products are allowed, would an electric buffer with wool pads smooth out these marks?

A: I would have thought the Bona cleaner would removed the oily paw prints. I don’t see what difference a buffer would make, but sometimes anything is worth a try. I would even try a different cleaner. Maybe those offered by Poloplaz, Basic Coatings and others would work better at removing oily marks. Maybe denatured alcohol would remove them?

Dog paw marks on floor

Similar Q: We recently moved into a home that has wood floors. I seem to get foot print and paw marks (from the dog) on the floors. We have mats in front of the entrances. I have to clean everyday and they’re not coming off. I don’t know much about the floors since the previous owners moved out-of-town. I also get conflicting info… if I should screen and polyurethane the floors or not? The floors are approx. 3 years old. Thanks for your help.

A: I’m assuming the current finish on the floors in a top coat of polyurethane or similar. My best guess is that at some point a product has been used on the finish in an attempt to ‘clean’ them and it has left a residue on the surface. You should give them a good cleaning with a product such as Poloplaz floor cleaner. Depending how severe the contaminants on the surface may be, they also make a stronger cleaner called tie tac.

Kitty paw prints on floor

Related Q: I recently polished my floor, and it was awesome until I noted kitty foot prints. So, I washed it. Now I have a white film with powder residue. What can I do?

A: I have no idea what type of finish is under all this nor what you used when you say you “polished” the floor. If this is a floor with a polyurethane coating then you can purchase a cleaner suited to this from any local wood floor retailer. There are numerous brands which are all basically the same or similar and do a decent job of removing contaminants and not leaving any residue on the finish itself. It seems clear you do have a residue which is why your cat left foot prints.

German shepherds and dull maple floor

Related Q : I have hardwood floors that are only 2 years old but I also have 2 German Shepherds. Even after I clean the floors with warm water they look smudged and don’t look clean. What should I be using? My floors are a maple (I think) and they are quite lovely, but don’t look very nice as they are very dull.

A: I won’t blame your dogs but maple isn’t the greatest choice for dogs. It shows all the nail impressions.  As to your problem, there are a lot of cleaners available, made by floor finish manufacturers and wood floor manufacturers.  Any of them should work well.  They remove grime and contaminants without leaving a residue when they dry.  Companies such as Polo Plaz, Basic Coatings, Bona Kemi etc., all make such cleaners.  You should use any water sparingly on wooden floors.