Light area where dog lays on wood floor

Q: We had our hardwood floors refinished a year ago. We recently got a large puppy who likes to lie at my feet in front of the couch. There is a light area now where he lies. It’s as if the finish has come off. He’s a large terrier. Is oil from his coat doing this?

A: I doubt his just hunkering down at your feet has worn off the finish. It could be oil from his skin. Try cleaning with a polyurethane cleaner or perhaps some denatured alcohol.

Follow-up Q: Thank you for answering my question. Do you recommend any polyurethane cleaner?

A: The polyurethane cleaners are pretty much the same, containing glycol ether. Poloplaz, Basic Coatings, Mirage, and Bona all make their own version one of which you can likely purchase from a local hardwood floor dealer.