747 Grease remover was used to remove glue, now it is seeping back up between floor boards

Q: Help! We just removed linoleum from our wood floor and the guys used 747 silicone grease remover to remove the glue. It has seeped down into the floor and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve used Simple Green several times, and then tried 409 (per the grease remover manufacturer). It looked like it was working, but the grease just keeps seeping back up between all the floor boards.

Any suggestions? Would TSP be worth a try? Are my once perfect hardwood floors ruined? Advice would be much appreciated.

A: While I’m not familiar with these products it seems clear they have dissolved the adhesive and have either caused it to seep between the boards or has softened adhesive that was between the boards. You may have been better off to have a professional floor company sand off the adhesive instead. Now you will have to hope this matrix will dry and harden. Can you scrape off what is oozing out from between the boards? I would also contact the manufacturer of the solvent for their advice.

Follow-up Q: Thanks so much for answering!

Yes, I know the floor guys should have sanded the floor, but they kept saying there was too much glue and they couldn’t. I’ve had a lot of floors done and never had them not be able to do it. But, at this point, it’s a moot point.

I believe the Sentinel 747 Adhesive Remover is what’s seeping up. It’s not goopy at all, it’s just like oil stains (looks wet). The manufacturer said to use Simple Green or 409 (or any degreaser) to lift the product out. Although some of it seems better after several applications, the stains keep seeping up. Someone suggested TSP but I’m afraid of permanently damaging the floors with grease removers. Maybe over time it will work itself out enough to refinish the floors? The floor guy doesn’t think, at this point, the polyurethane will stick to the floor. Of course, this is the same floor guy who said he couldn’t sand off the glue. At this point I’m just trying to see if anyone else has had this experience or has any suggestions, words of wisdom.

A: I would give it a week to see if all this dries and hardens. If you are going to try something else, just do a tiny spot, not the entire floor. That will be your test spot.

Follow-up: Yea, that’s kind of what I figured. Time will tell. Last night I thought of Dawn. Heck, they use it to clean up oil spills! Going to do a test today and then just wait. Wish me luck!