Missed a spot applying poly

Q: I put a final coat of polyurethane on my wood floors and noticed that I missed a spot where my roller didn’t overlap in application after the floor completely dried. I tried touching it up by rolling on some poly but the finish is matte and somewhat cloudy from what I first applied.

Any suggestions as to how I might fix the dull patch?

A: I don’t have a magic cure for this I’m afraid. I would tape off the affected boards, lightly buff them with fine sand paper and preferably apply a thin coat of the same batch of finish you coated the floors with. If it turns out a little bit more shiny you could rub it down with 4000 or 5000 grit sand paper.

Similar Q: I am trying to fix a missed spot on my new poly floor. If a I try taping the entire floor board, can I use a brush to apply the poly?

A: Yes, absolutely. Apply a thin coat and remove the tape immediately.