Trying to get an exact stain match for two different species of wood

Q: I thought I would be the “good” mom and have my sons living room floors sanded and stained as a surprise. No good deed goes unpunished. They are mismatched hardwood floors. There are two different types of wood in the one room. And now the stain looks like two different colours. One part is a little more yellow than the other.

Before the floor guy puts the varnish down, is there anything he can do to “yellow up” the non yellow part of the floor so they are a closer match?

A: I don’t know of a way to “fix” this. Each species and even every individual floor within a species can take the stain a bit different. If it is a well sanded, stained and finished floor, I would just put it down to being unique. In the end, it isn’t a table top. It is a floor. In a few weeks I don’t think you/he will even be bothered by it.