Kitchen appliances have no available space to install hardwood underneath them

Q: I want to install prefinished hardwood floor in my kitchen. My kitchen has linoleum and my cabinets are not set on a plywood “lifter”. I have two under cabinet appliances with no room to install the hardwood floor beneath to allow the appliances to still fit under the cabinets afterward. Any suggestions on what to do to fit hardwood flooring under appliances or some alternative?

A: I would put the appliances in place. The dish washer and refrigerator both have bottom grills that can be removed and in the case of the dishwasher may be adjustable up and down. The last board or the first, depending where you start your installation from, in front of the appliances in question should be exactly as long as the width of the opening the appliances fit into. This way, if you ever have to get the appliances out, you will likely only need to remove the one board and replace it.