Dirt in the grooves where the boards join

Q: I have an older type hardwood floor. There is dirt in the grooves where the boards join. How can I clean this?

A: You will need to find something narrow enough to go between the boards to loosen the dirt and then use a vacuum with crevice tool attached to suck it out.

Similar Q: There is a lot of dirt embedded in the bevelled edges of our hardwood. What is the best way to clean wood floor grooves?

A: A crevice tool on a vacuum and something to lightly scrape debris loose.

Another Similar Q: have a pre-finished oak floor whose “groves” have turned very dirt looking. We’ve tried lift out the dirt, but it doesn’t help. Can you recommend anything? The floor was beautiful right after it was installed, but this makes it look grimy.

A: Has anyone, in trying to be helpful tried to clean the floor with some super market cleaner which has left a sticky residue on the finish thus attracting and holding daily grime? There are good floor cleaners on the market which can break down and remove such residue. You can find them at any wood flooring distributor and many floor finish and wood floor manufacturers also make such cleaners.