Cover that could be painted/laid onto the hardwood while potty-training the pup

Q: I am looking into getting a new puppy. Our apartment has natural wood floors from the 1800’s (the house was built in 1860). Someone in my office mentioned a silicone cover that could be painted onto the hardwood while we potty-train the pup, and then peeled off later. Does this actually exist and, if so, will it damage the floors?

A: It is possible such a product exists, though I haven’t heard of it. In any case, applying silicone to a wooden floor would be a very bad idea. Even if you could get it off later, if it left any residue at all you would not be able to apply a maintenance coat of finish. The silicone would repel the finish and prevent adhesion.

There’s a company called Paisley Protectives who carry a number of films you can roll onto the floor.