Our installer says that only 3/4 inch quarter round can be used on wood flooring

Q: Our installer says that only 3/4 inch quarter round molding can be used on wood flooring. The rest of our house has 1/2 inch quarter round and the larger quarter round does not look good. Is it true that only 3/4 inch can be used?

A: I don’t think I could agree with that totally. It is true that an expansion space should be left along the side walls. Some pre finished manufacturers recommend a gap of 3/4. However, if this is measured from the face of the baseboard, then even 3/4 quarter round would not cover the gap. If the floor planks are not wider than 3′ I would leave at least 3/8-1/2 space up to the baseboard. If the base is raised and you can slide the last or first board under it, then that is a bonus. In the best case scenario, your baseboards are 3/4 thick and raised to allow the flooring to be installed under them. Then, it wouldn’t matter what size quarter round you installed.