Do you think lambswool would flow better?

Q: I will be using a Bona oil woodline poly satin. I usually use a padco paint pad for the edges and a t-bar with the same kind of pad for the middle. Do you think lambswool would flow better? Lambswool applicator Vs roller?

A: I had used a lambswool for years to apply polyurethane. It is the way I was trained. This can help cause problems with satin though, as far as mop stops and streaks. It is an issue with the silica flattener and it’s distribution in the film and how it sets.

For over a year I have been applying Primero with a roller and I think it is the superior way to apply solvent based finishes. I have used a weighted big foot to snow plough these coatings and from my experience, it applies it far to heavy. They are good for water borne, but now solvent based. I would give the roller a try. 1/4″ or 3/8. More consistent application. Not all this pushing and pulling. Forget the T bar.