Poly dried with a swiss cheese appearance

Q: We sanded our floors and applied an oil based poly (1 thick coat only). The floors are beautiful except the hall and dining room where we didn’t apply the poly until 3 days after the floors were sanded. In those rooms only, the poly dried with a swiss cheese appearance.

Meaning the “holes” are spots where the poly did NOT adhere to the floor. Is this because we waited to apply the poly and moisture caused the poly not to stick? We live in a humid climate and we had to wait to apply the poly due to a 3 day rain storm (old house/no ac).

A: It could be as you mention, or there is some other contaminant in/on the wood in that area causing the finish to ‘crawl’. If you had a moisture meter, you could check the content of the wood, hand sand with fine sand paper a spot where the finish crawled and see if it does it again. If it does, you will likely have to remove the finish, wipe the floor down with denatured alcohol and try again. Thin coats are always better than 1 thick coat for drying/curing purposes.