Closest product to match Swedish finish?

Q: We have 2 coats of Swedish finish on our oak floor, still in great condition after 5 years of good care. We are downsizing a kitchen island and thus will be exposing an area around each side of the island by about 12″. The floor which will be exposed was sanded, but never finished. I would like to know what I can apply to the unfinished boards that will look compatible to what I have already.

The Swedish sheen is soft, but not extremely shiny, and you can easily see the wood grain. I do understand that the newly exposed wood will be different in color, but wonder what product and method of application could be used to tie these boards together? Is there a water based product that we could use which would blend with the Swedish finished area?

A: I haven’t used Swedish finishes (aka acid cure) since the mid 1980’s because they are extremely noxious. However they are designed to be non yellowing, so a water borne would probably be you best choice. You could use a finish such as Poloplaz 202. However, if the present coating has darkened up somewhat, perhaps a product such as Poloplaz Prism might work better. It will amber slightly.