How can the floors be refinished with all this furniture in the house?

Q: My whole house has hardwood floors. Every room has furniture in it. How can the floors be refinished with all this furniture in the house? Can we live in the house at the same time the floors are being refinished?

A: It can be done in stages. For example, the second floor first, then the main. Or, as I have done, 2 bedrooms on one side, stopping in the doorway and then the other bedroom and hallway on the next trip. That sort of plan. It is possible to have a join along the edges of the boards without much difference in appearance. You can’t stop across the grain though. Breaking the job down like this may cost more because of the multiple trips involved. Some people rent a “pod” that is placed in the driveway. All the furniture goes in there during work. You can stay in the house if you don’t need access to certain areas that may be confined by the work area. This issue comes in to play mostly when the finish is applied. You would have to be the judge regarding your sensitivity to any odour the products may produce. I generally advise those with chronic lung issues or with a compromised immune system to stay away while the finish is being applied. Most people are not bothered much, but some are extremely sensitive. Even water borne coatings, while boasting of being green, can pose serious health issues for some people, though they dry faster.