Can I lay hardwood over a tile floor?

Q: Can I lay hardwood over tile floor?

A: Make sure the tile is sound and that the cleat or staple is able to penetrate through the tile. Keep in mind a principle I try to follow: the finished product will only be as strong and stable as the structure it sits on.

Similar Q: We are putting down tongue and groove bamboo flooring. We are planning on floating it. We have both tile and carpet, so rather than demoing 500 sq ft of tile and all the mess, I was wondering if we could put down 1/4 x 4 x 8 Utility OSB on the concrete in the carpeted areas to make it a similar height as the tile, then lay the flooring with a 2mm moister barrier on the tile and the wood.

A: I think that first I would carefully read the manufacturers recommendations. They have made the flooring so they should know how it will react under various installation styles. Always keep in mind that short cuts can come back to bite you later.