Can finishing be done room by room?

Q: I have read all I can on floor finishing. The main floors are all hardwood. I have a question about finishing a floor room by room. Due to time restraints, I would like to know if finishing can be done room by room? Is it difficult to blend in the hallway after each bedroom is done, and the living room/dining room after the hallway is finished?

A: It is difficult to impossible to stop across the grain of the wood such as in a doorway and not see some overlap line. If you are hiring a professional to do this work it would also be more expensive because of the amount of time involved in splitting the areas up into tiny segments. If you absolutely cannot empty all the rooms, try to divide it up so that where you stop is along the edge of a board in a doorway rather than across the grain. So, you may be able to fit most of the furniture in one side bedroom and do that room after.