Orange spots and water borne finish

Q: I put down water base on an oak floor. It turned orange near the cabinets and near a spot where I re sanded a dent from the fridge (a 1×1 square). Will the orange spots go away after the final coat? Or is it doing this because I hand sanded it before I put the wood sealer on and varnished it?

A: I don’t use a lot of water borne finish. I seem to recall this issue along the road, but honestly don’t recall what the cause was. It isn’t likely to go away though. You may have to scrape that discolouration away, sand the area smooth and coat a few more times. Water borne finishes are suppose to be and remain crystal clear, with no discolouration. The one thing I like about those coatings is you have a window of opportunity between coats where you don’t have to buff to gain adhesion. They chemically bond within the time frame. Also, because they are clear it is easier to do a patch and touch up without showing a difference.