Where can I buy Poloplaz?

Q: Can I buy this Poloplaz product at any local store or do I need to order it?

A: It’s a professional finish you could have shipped to you. http://poloplaz.com/index.php

Related Q: I’m turning my upstairs garage into a rec room, installing on the cheap side! My flooring is 1/2″ BC plywood that I ripped 7.5″ wide, sanded off corners and resanded top with 120g. I burnt the grain and installed with 3mm gaps that I plan on using a black silicone in. Looks great (my opinion) but I am highly confused on what type of floor finish to apply. I want to apply a clear matte look. I want to again do it on the cheap but I also want to a good durable finish that does not require refinishing every 3-4 years. Should I use a sealer? What brand do you recommended? How many coats? I’m worried about splinters from the plywood if the grain raises.

A: I would recommend Poloplaz Primero Premium Polyurethane or there slightly less expensive Supreme. You can apply at least 3 coats of either with a roller. Buffing or abrading between coats is a must but I would not expect this to cause any splintering. As an option, you can first apply their Fast Dry Sealer which is quite a bit cheaper but actually is pretty tough stuff too. Apply a coat of that. Buff it and then two coat of the polyurethane. Incidentally, the sealer is a polyurethane which is developed to penetrate well, thus acting as a sealer.

Follow-up Q: Thanks for your reply, I see where it is a very durable coating and want to buy it. The only place I can find that sells it online is Sanderparts.com, which is fine til it comes to shipping of $75 for 5 gal – thats kills it. Any ideas on who/where sells Poloplaz?

A: Go to www.poloplaz.com and contact them. One of their sales reps will be able to tell you if there is a distributor near you.

Follow-up Q: Could you help me out with a question. I was able to find some Poloplaz Supreme Matte nearby. I put down a sealer, 4hrs later first coat of Poloplaz, 7hrs after that 2nd coat (no sanding in between). Was wanting to do a 3rd but the temp was low (around 60-65) and was still too tacky late that evening. Now I have to wait 3 days due to work. Do I need to sand or buff the floor before doing another coat? All I have is an orbital sander or should I rent a buffer? What grit? Thanks for your help

A: You are suppose to thoroughly buff between each coat. At this point I don’t know if you will experience adhesion failure. 180 grit or 150 grit screens on a polisher and hand rub the edges with 120 grit.