Tung oiled floor taking a beating

Q: I have a pine floor which was stained and then tung oiled. I don’t think there was enough tung oil applied. Like maybe there should have been 5 or 6 applications instead of 3? The floor is taking a beating. In some places the stain is actually worn (we have several dogs and lots of people in and out). Could Waterlox be applied over this floor now?

A: Pure tung oil isn’t really practical as a floor finish. Waterlox is an excellent product. Smelly though. I think you would be fine going with that now, but would probably email the manufacturer to get their view. You could get a small tin of it and try a sample spot, but given that in each case you are using a penetrating oil, I don’t anticipate any adhesion issues. You will need 4 coats of Waterlox.