Tape pulling the finish off

Q: We just refinished our bedroom wood floor. Once the project was done we noticed some dropping spots in certain areas from the lambswool that we used. We put two coats of finish (poly). Can we apply another coat to get rid of those marks?

We completed the staining/finishing in about 1 month go. We just finished painting the doors/windows last week. Removing the tape last night, we noticed that the tape had peeled off polyurethane. What should we do now? All around the room you see the poly peeling.

Thanks for providing us with this service. You have some very good tips and information in your website. I really appreciate your advice.

A: Any fuzz from the lambs wool can be lightly sanded off. Re-coating the entire room will depend how many spots there are. It’s best to lightly abrade the entire affected board, tape around the board edges, apply a thin coat and remove the tape immediately.

As to tape pulling off polyurethane… You should never leave any tape stuck on any surface for an entire month. Heating it with a hair dryer may help to soften the adhesive and allow a clean release. However, I suspect the main reason the finish is pulling off the edges is because there was not sufficient buffing or scratching of the previous coat. Therefore you have a poor bond between the 2 coats. You might try screening it really well, perhaps with a 220 or 180 grit screen. Hand sand the edges really well with 120 grit and re-coat.

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A: You don’t have a good finish bond. It shouldn’t have pulled off the finish. Try to sand the affected board with fine abrasive. Be thorough without cutting through to bare wood. Apply a thin coat to the entire boards affected.