Stained and did not wipe up excess

Q: We are staining old hardwood floors. We have never stained before and we wanted them dark. My husband thought we should just stain away, and he did not wipe off excess stain. Now we have uneven stain that is tacky and not drying. What can we do to fix this mess?

A: I would try wiping it down with some mineral spirits on a cloth to see if some of this stain sitting on the surface can be removed. This really is work meant to be done by professionals.

Similar Q: I did not wipe off excess stain on my wood floors. We wiped it off with thinner, and got most of it off. Then I tried sanding one room. Still could not get the applicator marks out. Now I’m trying another coat of stain on two of the bedrooms. I don’t think it looks that great either. Now what.. call the carpet guy?

A: Why call the carpet guy? Call the professional wood flooring guy!

Similar Q: We completely sanded our wood floor of varnish and stain, reapplied stain. The applicator we used broke and the rest of the job was done by a rag. After drying overnight, the rag application is lighter then the applicator section. Can blending occur or must the entire floor be sanded down again and start over?

A: I’m going to make a guess that when using an ‘applicator’ you applied the stain and then didn’t wipe of the excess with a rag before it dried. In other words you applied it like paint. I would suggest applying a second coat to the lighter section, but if you did as I guess you did that is a mistake — if you have so much stain on the floor that the finish has nothing to adhere to. You are suppose to apply a section and then wipe off the excess with a rag before the stain sets up.