Small bumps in poly

Q: After 3 coats of poly I still have a lot of imperfections. When I run my hand over it I feel small bumps. Are bumps in polyurethane finish normal? Is there a solution?

A: Run your finish through a strainer to make sure it is clean and free of debris.

Make sure the applicator is clean.

The floor and work area needs to be thoroughly clean as well.

No air movement during application and for several hours after.

Apply finish in thin coats at a spread rate recommended by the manufacturer.

Try to avoid direct sunlight shining on the floor, which will heat the wood and cause the finish to set too quickly.

These are some of the basics…

You will need to thoroughly abrade or buff the coat with very fine abrasive-as fine as will knock down the sheen, smooth the floor and then re-coat.