Repairing a split/crack in one of the boards

Q: We just recently bought a new house that has hardwoods throughout. In one of our rooms we noticed a split/crack in one of the boards. Can we replace that piece or repair it in some way? It seems like it could get worse, like someone could catch their socks on it.

Any suggestions?

A: Of course, a piece can be dropped in after cutting the old piece out. You will need a matching board, a circular saw, hammer, chisel and some adhesive.

Similar Q: I recently installed hardwood flooring in my living room. One of the boards has a crack in it. It was not there when I installed it. What would cause this? Is there a way to repair it?

A: It was there when you installed it. You just didn’t see it. Now, with shifting of moisture levels it has opened up a bit. Replace the board.