“Lumps” or pimples in the poly

Q: I had my floors refinished, but they left lumps, debris in polyurethane and I cannot get them to fix it. What can I do? Screen and polish?

A: Are these lumps ‘debris’ or pimples? If they are pimples and there aren’t a lot of them, you could try to compress them with a roller of some kind. If there is a lot of this sort of thing, the best approach may be to buff and re-coat.

Pimples in the final coat of poly

Related Q: I’ve got a big project at my house. We put down a Douglas Fur floor. Stained it and it looked great. We put down the first coat of polyurethane. Looked great. Put down the second coat. Looked great. Put down 3rd coat over the floor with some damp spots on it. Looked great.

24 Hours later the entire floor has ugly “pimples” all over it! Now what?

A: That is too bad. When you are sure it is completely dry, it will have to be buffed or lightly but thoroughly sanded to smooth those off and create scratches for a mechanical bond. Make sure all fine dust is removed through vacuuming and wiping with a micro weave or equivalent mop. Make sure the finish is clean and all windows or areas of air movement are closed.