Levelling compounds

Q: I am installing a wood floor and have some areas of the plywood subfloor that need to be levelled prior to installation of the wood floor. I have looked at a number of products, such as Mapei Planipatch. As far as I can see, none explicitly state that the wood flooring can be nailed down through the levelling compound into the subfloor. Is it OK, or even possible, to nail through these concrete-based floor levellers?

Will nailing through leveling compound damage the floor levellers? Is there a special floor leveller made for such an application?

A: You might take a close look at these Bostik products: http://www.bostik-us.com/products/index.asp?fa=subCategoryPages&divisionId=2&categoryId=2&subCategoryId=49&subCategoryPageId=34 Could you lift the plywood and fix the sub floor?