Floors emit fumes burning nose, eyes, and throat

Q: We installed P**** flooring in our kitchen during the summer (air conditioning weather) and had no problem with fumes. When it came time to turn the heat on, the floor began to emit fumes burning nose, eyes, and throat; causing headache and dizziness for me. I must keep 2 windows open at all times. How long will these hardwood floor fumes last and is it possible to do anything to stop this odour?

A: I’m having trouble making sense of this. The adhesive, if any was used, would be long dry by now. I am not that familiar with P****, but it might be that the core itself is off-gassing, much like bamboo floors, with their multiple strips are often glued with a formaldehyde adhesive and will off-gas. Some persons may never notice this, but you may have a sensitivity to it. I think I would contact the manufacturer and the person who installed the floor.