3×2 Patch where the stain did not take

Q: I had new red oak floor professionally installed on third floor, in a room with many windows, with a M** *** blend color and polyed. I have a 3×2 patch where the wood stain did not take. The installer says that wood is a natural product and the stain did not take. I told him, based on a previous Q&A that the stain coat wasn’t dry.

I have used this installer for my entire house and this is the only issue on a very good install. Who is right?

A: If the stain didn’t take well on one board, I might be swayed. What are the odds that you would end up with a 2X3 patch of such boards in the same spot? My money goes with the stain not being dry enough when the first coat was applied. It caused the stain to ‘pull’ in that spot and become lighter. M*** *** stains can take a couple of days to dry sufficiently to coat. That is my one grievance with them.