Holes left in hardwood by staples from carpet strips

Q: : My husband and I just bought a house build it 1957 we ripped carpet up and found hardwood flooring. What do you suggest for filling holes in wood floors from staples from the carpet strips? Also, there are some gaps around outer part of where wall meets floor. Should we use caulking?

A: The floors could likely need a complete sanding to remove years of grime, possibly chemical cleaners used on the carpet which seeped through and onto the finished floor. While having that work done by a professional, they can fill those nail holes with a decent filler that will give a close colour match. They can also fill in missing boards along the outer walls and install the appropriate quarter round.

Similar Q: How do I fill the holes left by removing the nails and staples (from removing carpet)?

A: Go to your nearest hardwood floor retailer and they should have an appropriate wood filler to use.