Grooves not cleaned before finishing with rejuvenate floor refresher

Q: My hardwood floor was refinished with something called Rejuvenate floor refresher. Unfortunately, the grooves between the slats were not cleaned and look dirty. What can I do or use?

A: I think you will need your floors professionally sanded. After all, if you felt the floors needed this DIY coating then they must have started looking rather shabby. The problem with prefinished floors is the bevel. How to deal with those? It’s going to cost you some money, but it’s worth it if well done.

Marks in the rejuvenate floor polish

Semi-related Q: We moved into a new house with hardwood floors throughout. We have been using rejuvenate floor polish now for six years. The floor is starting to show scuff marks and shoe marks. It looks like it’s in the rejuvenate and not in the actual wood. How do I get rid of these marks? Is it possible to fix small areas without having to do the whole floor?

A: I honestly don’t have any experiences with these products. I would check their web site or contact the manufacturer. It is likely that a good cleaner for polyurethane would help these coatings too. Such products are made by Polo Plaz, Bona Kemi, Basic Coatings, Boa-Franc and Swing Paints at to name but a few. These are cleaners that help to remove residue but evaporates rapidly and leaves no film behind.