DIY refinishing?

Q: I have engineered hardwoods in one room of my home. I would like to refinish these myself. Is it possible to sand, restain and put poly on them? If so, how would your recommend I go about sanding them?

A: First it depends whose product it is. If it is Mirage engineered, they have a thick enough wood wear layer to be sanded several times. A very strong caution here: This / refinishing engineered hardwood is not a DIY job at the best of times. Dealing with factory finishes and removal of the bevel edge and ends takes a huge amount of work and know how. You can use very expensive ceramic abrasives or break the surface with an 80 grit and then move to the rougher 40 grit and work your way to the fine grits. I have dust containment so a job like this, though a major work out, doesn’t pose the health risks it would to you. Aluminum oxide particles in your lungs is not a good thing.