Particle board subfloor?

Q: Can hardwood be put down over particle board? Can I install hardwood over particle board?

A: Hardwood should not be applied to particle board.

Similar Q: Two years ago we purchased a country home which was built in 1945. I have just removed the carpet from the living room, dining room and hallway. I have discovered some left over tile glued to particle board. which appears to be over top the original hardwood floor. There is one area along a wall where there is an inch or two of uncovered hardwood. I was able to pull a broken piece out with my hand. Is the fact that this piece broke so easily a clear indication that these floors can not be salvaged?

I have assumed so and am arranging to have reclaimed maple floors from an old church installed. They’re planning to install this new flooring over top the particle board without seeing it first and have already provided me with a quote. Should I be wary of these installers? I thought I should be removing all flooring before installing new floors. Also, the particle board is not currently level in all areas. What would be your advice?

A: Your maple floor will be as solid as what it sits on. I would not nail anything to particle board. I would peel it all up and install 3/4 plywood.

Another Similar Q: Current jobsite subfloor is 1 1/2″ fir. Plus UL 1/2″ particle board glued over it. Can I nail 1/2″ engineered wood over this? Should I glue it? Should I remove it? 1300 SF job, and I don’t want issues.

A: I wouldn’t install anything but a floater over particle board. If it was mine, I would remove it first.