Bleaching pet stains out of hardwood floors, before or after sanding?

Q: We just purchased an old house that has dark pet stains on the hardwood floors. I have read several tips regarding bleaching pet stains out of hardwood floors and I am thinking that I should use the 50%-50% bleach and water to start. Should the floor be sanded first?

The house is going to be used as a rental and we are trying to conserve money. Do you have any other suggestions?

A: The wood has to be exposed, free from finish for any bleach to have a chance to work. Personally, I doubt household bleach is strong enough to remove such stains. I would check out Lee Valley Tools to see if they have anything more appropriate.

Similar Q: Can I apply bleach more than 2 times on a hardwood floor? What happens to the hardwood floor if its bleached too many times?

A: I don’t know the answer because I’ve never had a reason to bleach more than once. If you have a scrap piece of wood why don’t you experiment with it and see if anything nasty happens… and then let me know.

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