Will a particle board subfloor squeak and move?

Q: I am planning to replace my carpets with hardwood. The subfloor is particle board. I have heard that rather than installing a plywood subfloor (since it will increase the level of the floor) I can just re-secure the particle board subfloor against the joists.

Will this work? I understand that nails do not hold very well on particleboard, but what is the problem with this.. will the floor squeak? Will it move?

A: No, you mustn’t do that. Yes, it will squeak and move. You are spending good money on your floor, right? Don’t take a short cut and end up throwing good money after bad.

I have a particle board subfloor and want to install laminate or real hardwood

Q imported from our old site, Face Lift Floors: I have a particle subfloor. I have carpet right now. How do I prepare my subfloor before I can install real hardwood or laminated hardwood floors?

A: If you install laminate, the only thing you need to make sure of is the level of the floor. It has to be flat!

For real wood, nail down, you will have to screw down minimum 3/8 spruce sheeting.

Original / moved link https://faceliftfloors.com/q-and-a/subfloorprep.php