Newly finished hardwood floor feels rough

Q: My newly installed and finished hardwood floor feels rough when you wipe your hand across it. Our contractor said he doesn’t know of too many people who sit on the floor so it shouldn’t be a problem. It feels this way after 4 coats of polyurethane.

Is this the way it should feel?

A: I think it would be unreasonable to expect an absolutely table top finish without a single little fleck or fiber from an applicator or such. Especially when working in an open environment. Having said that, they should not feel rough, but generally quite smooth overall. To achieve this it is important to make sure the work and surrounding area is clean before coating. The finishes should also be free of debris. I strain my finish after or before every job regardless of how clean I hope or think it might be. Close off any cross ventilation while the finish is setting up. Make sure the applicator is clean. I even have a very old pair of running shoes that I use for coating. The treads are worn off leaving a smooth sole so I won’t track any dirt onto the job because it is stuck in my treads. There are also throw away, lint free shoe covers a person can buy if they don’t have an old pair of sneakers. Preparation is everything.