Safely moving refrigerator on hardwood floor

Q: Is it a good idea to install hardwood flooring in my kitchen? If so, how do you stop the weight of a refrigerator from denting the floor? Any tips for moving refrigerator on hardwood floor?

A: Absolutely, hardwood flooring in a kitchen is fine. I wouldn’t recommend pre finished. Have it installed and finished on site. Refrigerators are a problem. The simple solution is to buy a couple of small strips of masonite and when you need to move it out, roll it on the masonite, smooth side down.

Roll or drag fridge?

Related Q: I just had my wood floors refinished and I have to move my fridge back in place. I read a previous response that said to use Masonite. Do I roll my fridge onto the Masonite and then drag it using the Masonite to move it into place? Or do I roll the fridge over several pieces of Masonite? Thanks for your help!

A: I would probably lay out a drop sheet first. Place the sheet of Masonite on top of that, smooth side down. You may be able to buy this is 2X3 sheets. Roll the refrigerator on the Masonite.

Repairing dent from fridge being moved

Similar Q: We have an area in our dining room where a fridge had been moved to temporarily, and now the hardwood is dented. Can this be repaired? The floor is approx. 16 years old.

A: How many times have I seen this disappointment happen when a sheet of 1/8 hardboard would have been very cheap insurance. It probably will need to be sanded out but you could try the wet cloth and iron trick to see if you can get the wood to pop back up. It is worth a try on a small spot to see if it will work.

Repairing scuffed floor from fridge

Another Similar Q: I just had an Armstrong Bruce floor installed and when I moved the refrigerator back in place I scoffed the floor. The fridge is really tight in it’s cubby, and I had to take it in and out a couple times to get it to line up. I dented or scored a rather large X right in front of the fridge. Any help?

A: Have the damaged boards removed and replaced. Hopefully you have a few left over from the install.

Moving fridge on what thickness of Masonite?

Related Q: I need a refrigerator repair. I have engineered hardwood floors in the kitchen. I saw your suggestion to try Masonite sheets from a big box store to protect the floor from dents. Nothing like that came up when I searched their website — just hardboards 3/4″ thick. This won’t work because the refrigerator case sits directly under cabinets which have zero space clearance. I assume the Masonite is a thinner hard plastic material. What thickness do I need and where can I purchase it in NJ?

A: Masonite is hard board or paper board such as used for peg boards. One side is smooth. Does your refrigerator have wheels? You should be able to get it 1/8″ thick cut in smaller sections such as 2X4 at Home Depot. Place smooth side down and make sure there is no grit on the floor underneath it.

Follow-up: I found it at Home Depot and learned the reason my search for Masonite didn’t come up initially was because it is called at their store luan board. Sales person said they would cut it to sizes I need. It comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets.

Dull spot after refrigerator scratch repair

Related Q: My contractor scratched my pre-finished Bruce hardwood floors when they installed the refrigerator. He steamed the floor to get rid of the scratches. Now that area is duller than the rest. I think he did apply poly to that area, but it’s visibly duller than the rest of the floor. What should I do?

A: Did you receive a recommended floor cleaner with this floor. They usually contain a small amount of alcohol. I would wipe down the dull area first just to make sure there isn’t any dulling residue which is causing this. If that doesn’t work the only two options left are to either buff and coat that area and hope you get a match, buff and coat the entire floor or replace the boards. Those are your options.