Floor blocking dishwasher

Q: I need to pull up a couple of rows of laminate hardwood flooring in my kitchen as the ‘do-it-yourself-er’ who owned my home previously put in the flooring without allowing for the dishwasher to be removed. The dishwasher is now broken and it’s stuck. The tongue and groove flooring in 6′ by 2.5 ft sections seems to be glued down. How do I go about pulling it up without damaging it so that I can put it back down?

Is there anyway I can make the boards removable so that I can get the new dishwasher out if needed?

A: I don’t have any good news on this question. If it is glued down you may as well pull that laminate up and put down a new floor. All these type of floors are click joint and have been for a number of years now. Why someone would glue it down is a mystery but inexperienced DIY persons do some strange things. If laminate is what you want for the kitchen, I would recommend either a Torly’s or Quick Step product.