Best way to refinish?

Q: I just removed carpeting from my new home that is 44 years old. The carpet installer went nuts with the staples and some adhesive. All staples have been removed and the adhesive cleaned as best as I could. The floor seems to be in good condition but I would like to know the best way to refinish them if you will. What is the best way to fill in the many ‘holes’ from the staples?

What’s the best way to remove all of the adhesive and the best way to finish?

What would you recommend that I, a beginner on floor maintenance, take on myself and/or hire the professionals to take care of?

A: I would recommend a full sand and finish performed by a professional, since this isn’t DIY work. The many staple and nail holes could be filled with a latex or water base filler during that procedure. These fillers are not perfect but they do help to mask such holes. Cut lines from the carpet layers razor knife likely, for the most part, won’t be able to be sanded out.