Grit built up in the tongue and groove of salvaged wood

Q: I recently bought about 1200 feet of 2 1/4 birch flooring that was ripped out of a gym. I plan on laying this in my new house. The only problem is that the flooring has a fair bit if grit built up around the tongue and groove area. I need to remove this grit before I lay the floor, so that it will fit tightly together.

Do you know the quickest and easiest way to do that?

A: I would probably just use a Richard hand scraper. These are the long handle yellow scrapers with the double sided blades.

Related Q: Can I leave some old glue on the bottom of the 3/4′ solid walnut T&G floors I salvaged and use a 1/4′ or thinner pad under to make up the difference, so they don’t have high spots?

A: No. Just chip it off. If you had access to a freezer that would make the pitch nice and brittle.