Popping noises after 6 months

Q: We had wood flooring installed in several rooms in late May – early June 2007. The carpet and tile were removed and the surfaces prepared by the installer, glue applied and the planks installed. After a few months and now more time, we experience popping noises throughout the house as if the glue under the plank is loose.

Can the floor be repaired without removing all the planks? Does glue need to be reapplied? What is the suggested solution with minimal disruption to the existing flooring?

A: Your floor is likely reacting to climate changes in the home. These popping sounds are aggravated when the milling of the tongue and groove joints is very tight. Once it has gone through a couple of seasonal cycles it should settle down. Try to keep the relative humidity in the home to near 40% in winter to minimize shrinkage. Buy a hygrometer and/or humidifier which will have a digital readout of room temperature and RH.