Grey and worn areas on floor

Q: The heavy traffic areas of my floor are worn down and grey. Can I just clean-up and re-varnish those areas and blend them into the rest of the hardwood floor?

I know it won’t be perfect, but will it be OK?

A: The grayed areas will have to be sanded to bare, clean wood and then finished. To apply a finish over that would make the spots look black.

Similar Q: I have some very worn spots on my floor. Can just those spots be repaired, or do I need to have the whole floor refinished?

A: It is about impossible to do a patch and have it blend, unnoticed. This is especially pronounced with age. So, you will need to have the entire floor done unless you are content to live with a patch.

Related Q: I have very old wood floors that desperately need to be refinished. Is there a product/cleaner I can use on them in the meantime? Does Rejuvenate work well?

A: I personally wouldn’t use any of these do it yourself products. Live with the floors until you are ready to have them refinished properly. Additionally, if there are areas where the finish has totally worn away, exposing the wood, now turned gray, applying anything will make it look worse.