Best way to clean up saw dust after sanding? 2 Answers

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Cleaning up the saw dust after sanding

Q: What is the best way to clean up saw dust after sanding a floor?

A: A good vacuum cleaner. After thoroughly vacuuming up the dust, you might want to wrap a dry towel around a push broom and go up and down the floor (like a Zamboni machine) to remove the super fine dust that may still remain.

Cleaning a floor between staining and finishing

Related Q: I stained a floor then a contractor came in and worked in the house. He thought it was sealed but it wasn’t. How can I clean it up enough to seal it?

A: Just vacuum thoroughly using a soft brush and if need be wipe it with a dry micro weave mop afterward, then apply a coat of finish.

Follow-up: Thanks a lot. It worked.