Did my dog cause finish to peel off?

Q: I have brand new hardwood floors (we have been in our new house 3 months). There are areas of my floor where the polyurethane is flaking off. The contractor has blamed this on my 11 year old 60 lb. lab. I fully expected scratches but not flaking and peeling of poly. I feel there is a problem from the application process. The areas that are peeling look like white ‘scratches’ at first which is actually the poly lifting.

I think it is from her walking over that particular area where the poly is not adhered. Once the poly peels the area underneath looks fine. There are also spots where it looks like a ‘bubble’ has popped and then flaking. Does a dog’s nail have the potential to make poly flake off? In my opinion, this should not happen with normal wear and tear. Otherwise, no one would have hardwood floors and dogs!??!

A: No, this is not your dogs fault. What genre of finish did they use? Oil or water borne?