Two termite damaged boards

Q: There are two lines of what appears to be termite damage, on just two floor boards. Can I just use wood filler for these?

A: I would recommend taking the boards out and replacing them. You might be surprised. Termites have a way of eating the inside of a board, leaving only the outer skin intact. You might find in removing these 2 boards that a few others also warrant replacing.

Related Q: My house is about 65 years old and is treated for termites twice a year. My wood floors are staring to dimple in the the slats. I know it is termite damage. I’m just not sure if this damage is old or new. Any way to tell?

A: If this is fairly new damage you should be able to find the colony. I don’t understand how or why you need to have the house treated twice a year, and if so, why you would have termites now. They are suppose to drill holes outside the house and inject the poison. It prevents the termites inside from joining the nest and they die. If this is being done correctly, you should not have any termites.