With or without paper or felt?

Q: Wood Flooring Guy, I am having unfinished 3,4 and 5″ Walnut flooring Installed. One installer says to glue and nail it down, without paper or felt to hold better and prevent cupping. Installer #2 says use paper or felt , nail every 8″, and if concerned bisquit and glue each end.

This is custom ordered walnut in 6-12 ft. lengths, tongue and grove on the edges, but the ends need to be cut off 2 to 3 inches or cut for smaller length’s where needed. What is proper for 3,4,5″ installation?

A: I like #2. The felt paper will serve as a moisture retarder. The boards aren’t really very wide, so I don’t see why there should be much concern about cupping. Try to maintain some sort of climate control in the house. A least, dehumidify in summer when needed. Make sure you leave an expansion gap along the side walls and acclimate the flooring prior to installation.