Hardwood floor nailing groove side / female side? Plus male in related question.

Q: I’m repairing water damage to a hardwood floor I installed 3 years ago. The damage is small and simply requires me to pull up about 3 feet of flooring. To replace new boards, I have to nail through the “female” or grove side of the maple. Any ideas on how nailing groove side / female side can be done?

A: Not sure why you have to nail it that way, but I would pre drill the bottom edge of the groove side and nail. A bit of adhesive might be a good idea too.

Related Q: I am having a hardwood floor installed (on my first floor) which is a U-shape. As you get to the last leg of the “U” you have a female end. How do you continue when you have to nail the male side?

A: Apply wood glue to splines and insert into the groove. Also apply adhesive to the floor for the next board to sit on to give more hold.

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