Haze on wood floor

Q: We have a wood floor in my house that we have owned for 6 months. Since we moved in, the wood floors have a haze over them. We have two active boys and several dogs. We’ve tried to keep the floors as clean as possible. I tried cleaning with almost every type of cleaning product out there, even just water. They all just make it worse.

With a sock I can buff it out and make them shiny again, but just a small area because it takes too long.

I have no idea whether the floors were waxed or have a polyurethane coating. How do I tell, and how do I fix this haze on wood floor? I have thought about renting a buffer but I don’t want to make matters worse.

A: Put a couple of drops of water on the floor. Wait 10 minutes. If it leaves a spot, it is probably waxed. Otherwise, it is likely polyurethane. If it is poly, you can purchase approved cleaners for polyurethane from your local hardwood dealer. Any product from Poloplaz, Bona Kemi, Mirage, Basic Coatings for this purpose should remove any residue from “bad” cleaners that have caused the haze.

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