I have put down four coats, but I can still see dry/light spots

Q: I am using Z** Ultra Max waterborne oil modified polyurethane to cover my new hardwood floor (approx. 1900 sq. ft.). I have put down four coats, and I can still see light colored spots where it appears the finish has been “sucked up” into the wood.

I have gone over these “dry patches” a few times individually, and they are still a lighter color that makes the surface look like it is dry in that area.

Any way to fix this, or is this a normal reaction with a new floor? How many coats should I put down before it will look uniform? Should I avoid putting too many coats down?

A: I haven’t used Z** products, but I have heard from a friend that they aren’t all they are clocked up to be. At any rate, any oil borne finish, 3 coats, should do the job. If you are coating white oak, perhaps you are having a tannin reaction. If that is the case, you may have to change those boards.